Netra Poshak is a complete eye care to keep eyes healthy, It is a blend of pure herbs which provides clarity to your vision and better health to the eyes. In today?s times every one use to spend time in front of a computer, TV or mobile phones. Eye problems like redness, itching, watery eyes, etc., which is a result of long term computer work, watching TV or using mobile phones continuously may harm eyes but it can be controlled by using Netra Poshak regularly. Beside this, pollution and dust may infect eyes and leads to serious problems like conjunctivitis, glaucoma, near or farsightedness or any type of allergy etc.

It is advisable for all 5 age groups, whether the cause of the eye problem is old age, lack of nutrition, etc., People with any sightedness & cataract related issues can also see benefits with Netra Poshak.

To avoid all these problems, Netra Poshak is the miraculous solution. It works in 5 key steps as

1.  Provides cooling effect to cure itching, redness, inflammation etc.
2.  Cleansing of complete eye to pull out the impurities like dust and pollution.
3.  Rejuvenates cornea and retina cells for better vision.
4.  Provides nutrition to optic nerves for strain free eyes.
5.  Provides lubrication to eyes for smooth movement.

This all gives healthy eyes and improved vision, acting as a shield against eye problems & diseases.
Prash works internally on eyes such as;

-Provides nutrition to eye cells & nerves which energies eyes.

-This gives strength to eye muscles which improves vision.

-It limits the age effect and nerve weakness of eyes.

-This acts as supplement to eyes.

Eye drops work directly on eyes and provide instant benefits such as;

  Removes dryness which provides freshness to eyes.
  Maintain lubrication which protects tissue injuries.
  Relaxing optic nerves which reduces strain from eyes.
  Improves light sensing function of eyes which reduces glare.


-Two jars of 250gms of prash
-Four eye drops each contains 10ml
Course – 60 days


Amla, Bhringraj, Black Pepper, Garlic, Rose petals, Triphala, Nirgundi, Nimba, Yasti-madhu, Tulsi, Yavani, Daru-Haridra, Dadima, Jayphala, Javitri, Dalchini, Pippali, Sarkara, Mulethi, Shankpushpi, Satapushpa, Amrita, Guggulu, Mustak, Nagkesar, peepli, Gukhru.

(1)   Jati 2.5gm
(2)   Laksha 2.5gm
(3)   Chandana 2.5gm
(4)   Shatapathri 2.5gm
(5)   Karpura 2.5gm
(6)   Sphatika 125mg
(7)   Adhatoda Vasika 2.5gm
(8)   Gulabjal 2.5gm
(9)   Triphala 2.5gm
(10)   Daruhaldi 2.5gm
(11)   Kamalpushpa 2.5gm