Lighten the appearance of your facial skin using bright forever. Beauty is different for different cultures but the absolute sign of beauty in any culture is flawless, soft and luminous skin. Men and women throughout history have been adopting different products to attain beautiful, soft and flawless skin.This beauty cream is a multipurpose facial cream for both men and women and is available in Pakistan and Dubai. It is a herbal cream that contains all the necessary ingredients that your facial skin needs.It can be applied to any skin type.


Bright forever is one of the best herbal cream in the markets of Pakistan for facial cleansing and skin whitening and carry a number of benefits such as:

  • It is a herbal cream and can be applied to any skin type
  • Removes dark spots on the cheeks and beneath the eyes
  • Works as a moisturizer and keeps your facial skin from drying
  • Brightens your face and removes pimples and pimple spots
  • Works to give you the soft and smooth skin you want
  • Bright forever has mint which helps provide protection from the sun and sun burns
  • Removes wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy

How to apply

Wash your face with water before applying bright forever. Apply bright forever herbal cream twice a day in the morning when you start you day and at night before going to sleep for best results. Effects of bright forever are noticeable after one week of use.


Bright forever gets absorbed in the skin through its pores and start to enrich and nourish the skin from within while the beneficial oils in the cream help to provide protection from the harmful sun rays and impurities in the air. Apply Bright forever at night on the spots left behind by pimples and dark spots under the eyes and see them vanish overnight.

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