Sexual weakness is a common bedroom problem in almost every part of the world. According to studies, almost 70% men seek help for sexual weakness at some point in their lives. Although sexual weakness is common problem but still there are many misconception on the topic and the information surfing over the internet is questionable to say the least. Some might consider sexual weakness to be linked to hormonal imbalance while some state that sexual weakness is genetic. Though there is some truth to these statements however, they do not display the whole picture.

Sexual weakness is different for men and women. The most common sexual weakness found in women is the loss of sex drive while for men there are many such as erectile dysfunctions (ed), premature ejaculation, weak or no erection, low sperm count, impotency, deformity of penis etc. It is needless to say men are the most affected in this regard. Curing women sexual weakness is easy. Use aphrodisiacs and BOOM, Sex drive is back. Nevertheless, when it comes to Men that is where things get complicated. Causes of sexual weakness in men are far too common in today’s society.

Common Causes of Sexual Weakness in Men

  • Hormonal imbalance 

  • Stroke or Nerve damages

  • Diabetes

  • Excessive smoking

  • Psychological Health

  • Prescriptive Drugs  

  • Injury to the penis

  • Surgery

  • Drug abuse

  • Excessive use of Alcohol

Another cause of sexual weakness in men arises due to their partners. Sex is for the pleasure of both partners but some women don’t really get themselves involved in the activity like they should. Some women don’t try to please their partners rather just lay there and become an object for their men. This causes a loss of interest in the partners, which is bad for the sexual health of both the partners.

Treatment of Sexual Weakness

The problem of sexual weakness is an age-old problem. There is nothing new about it. It has existed in the world since the old times and thus there are many medication and treatment strategies for its cure. Viagra has made a name for itself in the world for its effects towards relieving sexual weakness but bear in mind that Viagra is not a cure for sexual weakness rather it is a temporary solution. The effects of Viagra last anywhere form 4-6 hours but after that it back to the same.

Another sex-enhancing tablet is Cialis, which is growing in its popularity for its long lasting effects. Lasting anywhere from 12-24 hours, Cialis is considered a wonder drug but just like Viagra, Cialis is also not the answer. It is also just a temporary solution and does not treats sexual weakness rather provides temporary escape from the problem. These recreational medications should never be used on a daily basis because they may cause many adverse effects on the body. Now, you must be asking to yourself what to do. Well what if I told you that there is indeed something that can cure any type of sexual weakness. Yes, you read it right- any type of sexual weakness and not just in men but also women.

Power Prash – Herbal product for all types of Sexual Weaknesses

Sexual weakness such as Impotency and erectile dysfunction are issues presenting all areas of the world and in all genders. Premature ejaculation, inability to develop or maintain a strong erection in men, inability to reach orgasm and loss of sex drive in women are all issues related to impotency and erectile dysfunctions. Power Prash is an Ayurveda treatment for impotency and erectile dysfunctions in both men and women. Power prash helps to enhance the sexual capability in its user by developing strong and long lasting erections, boost the energy levels, strengthens the immune system and increases sex drive.

Power Prash is a herbal product that is composed of 100% natural and herbal extracts. There are no synthetic materials used in composition of Power Prash. Power Prash is easily available in Pakistan but it can be acquired in almost every part of the world. Power Prash promotes natural healing capabilities of the body to cope with the decay caused by sexual weaknesses.

Viagra / Cialis VS Power Prash

The use of Cialis and Viagra for treating weakness in men provides only temporary relief to a persisting problem. These medications apart from carrying a heavy price tag can only be used under a doctor’s prescription. These medications do more harm than good. Overdose or use without prescription of such medication can lead to causing sexual weakness instead of curing it.

Power prash on the other hand is an herbal product that has no side effects. It is completely natural and can be used by men to cure all types sexual weaknesses. Being herbal in nature is an added benefit as it can used recreationally just to increase your performance in bed. User Power Prash and get ready to make her scream in bed if you know what I mean.

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Why should I use/buy Power prash?

Now you would be thinking to yourself why I should buy this product. Well for starters, Power prash is a herbal products so it has no chance of  causing you any side effects and secondly it deals with not one but all types of sexual weaknesses such as impotency, premature ejaculations, erectile dysfunctions(ed), loss of sex drive, weak erections etc. SO it a complete package. Therefore, if you find yourself suffering from any one of these issues that power prash is for you.

Herbal ingredients of Power prash

Power prash comes with an oral medication (powder) and lubricating oil. Oral medication contain two types of herbs such as Majun and White musli.These herbshave been used to treat sexual weakness since old times. Majunis known to increases stamina of its user while white musli works as aphrodisiac that increases the desire for sexual intercourse by increasing your sex drive.

Oil is also included in the box, which is meant to be rubbed along the vein of the penis. In addition, this herbal oil promotes growth of cells in the penis to aid in the treatment.

Intake approach

There are two intake approaches to using Power Prash. These intake approaches deals with your reason of use. For people looking for treatment of sexual weakness the intake approach is different from people using Power Prash for recreational purposes.

For treatment purpose

Take one tablespoon of power prash with milk or hot water or tea before going to bed or in the morning after breakfast.One-month course of power prashis followedfor treatment purposes. Effects of power prash are noticeable after one weak of use.

For recreational purpose

Take one tablespoon of power prash with milk or hot water or tea an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse and feel yourself perform 10 times better than you ever did.

Side effects

The only side effect that can arise from using Power Prash is that you might fall in love with the product. It can be used recreationally without harming your body how good is that? Since it is a herbal product it will not only treat the ailments but also build immunity in the body. This is a basic upside to using herbal products is that they promote natural healing and have no adverse effects on the body.

One side effect that may occur from using herbal products are allergies. Allergies are not common in most people but in people who have certain allergies it is always recommended to look through the ingredient to see if they are suitable for your use.

Apart from allergies, there are absolutely no side effect to using Power Prash.

Customer Reviews

Power Prash has always produced positive customer reviews. People have reported to have cured their sexual weakness through Power Prash. Some even have dared to call it the best medication for sexual weakness.

Dr Kashif

” Power Prash is a worderfull product that i am using from last 4 weeks and from day 1st it gave me positive results. It has given me the results that i want from any herbal food supplement. Moreover, it has no side effects… Thanks a lot…”

Zohaib Ali

One of the major attractions that you can find with Power Prash is its effects and i found myself more energetic and comfortable. My immune system is now improving day by day. We are now a happy family.”


” Great!! I have used Power Prash from last 3 months and now my inner power is stronger than before. Its rare herbs works as a natural sex enhancer. I am totally satisfied with my results and would recommend to anyone.

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