The reason behind the outstanding benefits of moringa is due to its high nutritional content. It comes naturally jam-packed with calcium, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin C, fibers, potassium, iron and many more healthy nutrients. While most people don’t really know about moringa but when know about drumstick tree. Well! Both of them are the names of the same plant. It is commonly found in Asian, Middle East, and the African subcontinent. The health benefits of moringa are far more than any other plant in nature. Thanks to the commercialization of moringa, it is now very easy to acquire through grocery stores and herbal clinics.

Outstanding Benefits of Moringa

All parts of this plant are beneficial in some way either are its the leaves the trunk or its flower. Moringa is a very common ingredient in a number of over the counter medication and some of the outstanding benefits of moringa are as follows:

  • Moringa for Weight Loss:

There has been a number of researches that have shed light on the fact that Moringa is very helpful in reducing weight along with preventing weight gain. Moringa is a very low amount of fats but comes with a large number of fibers, which help to burn existing fats in the body.

  • Very Powerful Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Among all herbs in nature, moringa has the most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The antioxidant properties of moringa help to reduce the oxidative stress in the body along with helping to contain the damage caused by oxidative stress. This helps to keep the vital organs of the body in perfect health and also prevents from a number of chronic diseases.

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The anti-inflammatory properties of moringa help to remove the inflammation in the body and joint of the body. This help in reducing swelling in the limbs and edema, which is a very painful disease. Regular intake of moringa is necessary to avail such outstanding benefits of moringa.

Benefits for Hair and Skin

The vitamin and protein content of moringa is more than enough to maintain good hair and skin health. They help to promote a more beautiful skin while making the hair lustrous and long.

benefits of moringa, good hair and skin, lactating mother, anti-diabetic, side effects of moringa, herbal treatment 


This is due to the fact that moringa has high content of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vitamin are essential for the skin and promote the natural glow of skin. Hairs greatly benefits from the protein content of moringa as proteins are the building blocks of hairs.

  • Good for Lactating Mothers

Moringa leaves are greatly beneficial for lactating mother in general because it has been scientifically proven that moringa leaves help increase the milk supply in lactating mothers.

  • Anti-diabetic Agent

Moringa contains an acid known as chlorogenic acid, which help to normalize the blood sugar level in the body. High blood sugar level lead to damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and other vital organs. Once this damages has been done it is very hard to remove and further more the risk of diseases grows significantly.

  • A Very Good Dietary Supplement

Moringa supplements are very beneficial to add to your diet. Apart from all the vitamins, proteins and fibres, moringa also contains calcium and iron, which makes it ideal to add to your diet.

Side Effects of Moringa 

Considering all the good that comes out of this plant it is hard to admit that it can actually carry some dangers but the matter of fact is that excess of everything is bad and overusing moringa can also be bad for your health.

benefits of moringa, good hair and skin, lactating mother, anti-diabetic, side effects of moringa, herbal treatment 
The roots and seeds of moringa leaves are known to carry toxic properties and should be avoided at all cost. Moringa is also ill advised to used during pregnancy as moringa is known to cause contractions during pregnancy which can result into miscarriage in extreme cases.