The number of smokers around the world has grown to be over one billion. Unfortunately, majority of tobacco users claim to continue smoking just because it is too hard a habit to break from. If you are one of the victims of the tobacco epidemic and want to quit smoking but cannot, then you are in the right place. There are some easy and natural ways to reduce your urges/craving for smoking.

The use of natural herbs and acupuncture are the most recommended tricks to quit smoking and are being recognized globally for their effects. These natural approaches originated from eastern medication and offer very promising results in this regard. They have been used to inhibit craving while also aid in breaking addictions.

The problem with quitting smoking is that even after nicotine has left your system, your body still craves it. For the craving to go away, all traces if nicotine from the body have to be removes. Quitting smoking also has physiological factors. In most cases, smoking is also considered a physical addiction because it reprograms our brains to induce cravings. Now let us indulge in ways to quit smoking.

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Acupuncture requires penetration from thin needles into pressure points located at particular places on the body. This help improve the flow of energy and while most consider it to be extremely painful, they are painless. Acupuncture originates from the Chinese tradition and dates as far back as 113 B.C. Even though this technique lost its credibility in the medical world, it has now started gaining popularity because of its ability to help in smoking cessation.

Apart from quitting smoking, acupuncture is also helpful in treating a number of human diseases and ailments. If acupuncture is something, you are now willing to try than you can opt for acupressure, which involves the use of manual pressure instead of needles.

Herbal Treatments

Another good way to quit smoking is through herbal treatments. Herbal treatment not only provide relief from smoking but also increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Including herbal supplements help reduce nicotine cravings and minimize the withdrawal symptoms such as agitation, irritation and anxiety. Herbal treatment also help rebuild the damaged caused due to countless years of smoking.

Green tea is the most common herbal remedy used towards quitting smoking. Green tea is easy to make and can be taken through out the day. It has high detoxification ability and also diminish the urge to smoke. Using Lobelia Tea is also good for quitting smoking.
Before buying any sort of herbal supplement make sure to consult your health care specialist about it. Some supplements can interact with medication taken for different types of ailments.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are necessary if you are willing to quit smoking. These changes help to change your body needs towards smoking.

Some good tips in this regard are as follows:

  • Eat fresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits on a daily basis.
  • Avoid the intake of processed food since they have high level of sugars, which can elevate the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Practice meditative techniques such as Yoga.
  • Exercise is necessary since it help to reduce stress and keep you relaxed.
  • Identify what triggers you to smoke and stop doing it.
  • Try to get adequate sleep every night.
  • Drink lots of water through out the day. Dehydration is one of the major triggers that increase cravings.

Smoking is a serious health disorder, which can cause devastating health problem. You only get one life so do not waste it on smoking. There are other option such as the use of herbal supplements like No Addiction, which are made from the combination of natural herbs and help detoxify the body of unnecessary toxic materials.