Summers are fun for people who like to go out in to the nature but it is a nightmare for those suffering from arthritis and joint pain. The summer heat and high humidity in the summers has a very prominent impact on people suffering from chronic pain. Since patients of such health, problems have difficulty regulating their systems during extreme temperature variations. Summers not only elevate the symptoms of joint pain but also cause an increase in the pain levels of the body.

Humidity & Pressure Changes

Pressure changes can cause the joints to become more sensitive and those who are patients of chronic condition such as arthritis and joint pain are effected the most. The nerve ending in the tissues of the body are receptors of pain and are the first to feel the additional pressures. This causes the joints to become stiff and tight.

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Summers are also home to high humidity atmosphere, which again causes a change in pressure much like that felt before the coming of a storm. Such condition causes the ligaments and tendons of the joints to become more sensitive and vulnerable to external changes which ultimately causes arthritis and joint pain.

Changes in Body’s Fluid levels Leading To Arthritis and Joint Pain:

According to some studies, the temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere cause the fluid levels of the body to drop significantly. This leads to the lubrication between the joints to fade considerably causing the likelihood of inflammation and pain.

arthritis and joint pain, chronic pain, summer heat, join pain, gold oil, herbal product
Extreme heat waves during the summer lead to dehydration, which is also a cause of arthritis and joint pain. Cartilage is present in the joints, which causes lubrication effect in the joints. Cartilage is made from high content of water and during the dehydration phase of the summers the concentration of fluid in the joints decrease, which causes increase in the existing pain.

Helpful tips:

When it comes to managing the pain and hot weather, following tips are the most beneficial:

  • Avoid going out: 

Avoid going out during the blistering heat and make sure not to spend long hours in the heat. Take breaks time after time to cool off and try not to exert yourself in the heat.

  • Get Proper Air Conditioning: 

Make sure to keep the air inside your home cool and less humid. Having a dehumidifier nearby is the best for going through summers without the irritation.

  • Drink More and Eat Well: 

arthritis and joint pain, chronic pain, summer heat, join pain, gold oil, herbal product

Make sure to drink lots of water. Try to lay low of artificial juices as they contain many sugar substitutes. Also, eat healthy and green natural leafy vegetables during the summer. It will keep you feel better about yourself.

  • Do Not Wear Tight Cloths:

Wearing tight clots during the summer is like adding gasoline to fire. Tight clots increase the heat and sweating causing the existing pain to increase significantly. Make sure to wear loose cloths made from cotton and silk. Also white or light colored cloths help to deflect the outside heat.

  • Use Herbal Product for LIFE lasting Results: 

The nature has in itself the complete arsenal to keep you cool during the summer heat, all you need to go is to add them to your daily use. Herbal product  such as GOLD OIL is powerful heat exterminator.

arthritis and joint pain, chronic pain, summer heat, join pain, gold oil, herbal product

This is the best herbal treatment for arthritis and joint pain use this product and say bye bye to arthritis and joint pain.

  • Massage your Joints with Natural Oils:

Massaging your joints with natural oils are the best way to keep inflammation and pain at bay. Although almond oil, coconut oil are generally effective but having a natural made oil solely for the purpose of joint pain is the best and no other oil comes near to Gold Oil. Gold Oil is composed of all natural herbs that have been in use to cure joint pain since the old ages. It is made under the Ayurveda medicine-making tradition is completely safe to use for all ages.