Most people consider arthritis to arise due to old age and disease but it not so. Any type of decay, damage or injury to joints or muscle surrounding the joint result in pain. Gold oil is a herbal pain reliever for arthritis.Arthritis is a disease and an informal way to say joint pain. While joint pain can also be caused by injury, arthritis is caused due to infection in joints. Symptoms of arthritis include redness of joint, swelling of joint, locking and cracking sound while movement of joint and pain while movement of joint.

Why Use Gold Oil?

Now the market is flooded with synthetic medication that says they cure joint pain and arthritis only to provide temporary relief. Some people even resort to injections for curing their irritability. These medications and chemicals are synthetic and composed of many types of chemicals and harmful substances that instead of curing pain have an adverse effect on the body.

Gold oil, on the other hand, is a herbal product meaning that it is composed of herbs and natural substances. It is free from chemicals and has been proven to show no adverse effect on the body. Being herbal mean that it trigger natural healing process of the body to reduce inflammation, which is a major cause of joint pain.

It contains herbs that promote warming effect which helps soothes the affected area and improve blood flow. These herbs are anti-inflammatory in nature, which help reduce pain and swelling of joint. Gold oil also promotes bone growth, which makes it an ideal oil for better physical growth in children.

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Herbal Exacts In Gold Oil

Gold oil contain exacts from a number of well-known and most used Ayurveda herbs such as.

  • Alkanna Tinctoria
  • Curcuma Longa Linn (Turmeric)
  • Rubbia Cord Folia
  • Caryophyllus Aaromaticus (cloves)
  • Sesame oil

These herbs have been used since ages in treating different types of pain and inflammation. Gold oil combines the essence of all these herbs to give you the complete herbal product for joint pain remedy.