Female pattern baldness is not like male pattern baldness. Baldness in female doesn’t mean a bald head having no hair on the top portion of the head but it cdan be the same as having an M shape hair on the head. Female pattern baldness can be similar to male pattern baldness but women face baldness in a different hair loss pattern than men. Female pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. Baldness in women is normal as soon as you grow up. Only a few women pass the age of 65 with a head full of hair. Most of the time female pattern baldness is hereditary. If you notice excessive hair loss then don’t consider it a normal hair problem. It is a time for you to see your dermatologist.female pattern baldness, hair problem, bald women, baldness cure, bald head


Symptoms of Female Pattern Baldness

The very first symptom of baldness in female is that the hair doesn’t feel as thick as usual. You will observe a clear difference while tying your hair. The scalp may be visible to you but the hairline doesn’t come back to its original position. Although the hair loss in females is quite frequent than males but still it occurs regularly. Women, not like men can undergo complete baldness but they can suffer from a lot of thinning which can run throughout their hair. Acne and increase of unwanted hair is also one of the symptoms of female baldness. Depending upon the symptoms, doctors have divided the female pattern baldness into 3 categories.

female pattern baldness, hair problem, bald women, baldness cure, bald head

  1. Includes female having a very small amount of hair thinning which starts around the part.
  2.  Includes female having increased thinning and widening of the part.
  3. Includes female facing throughout thinning that makes the scalp of the top of the head visible.

Causes of Female Baldness

One of the biggest causes of female baldness is physical stress. The more you take stress the more you lose hair. Taking a lot of stress can cause baldness. You can observe more hair fall than usual. Overdose of taking vitamin A can also cause baldness in female. Lacking protein in your diet causes a lot of hair fall. As your hair is made of protein so you need to take a proper quantity of proteins in your diet to prevent hair loss. Anemia also causes baldness in female. If you are not getting enough sleep then you definitely face the hair problems. Women who take too much stress on even minor problems are seen to be suffering more from female pattern baldness as compared to other women of that age. Chemotherapy of cancer patients also causes baldness. Even females can get fully bald by getting the treatment of cancer via chemotherapy

female pattern baldness, hair problem, bald women, baldness cure, bald head