Arthritis is a very common in most of the people but not understood by most of them. Arthritis is nothing but an informal disease which refers to joint pains. Arthritis causes pain and inflammation in joints. It is very important to take care of arthritis causes and treatment beforehand otherwise it will get severe. A person having joints problem should avoid the arthritis causes. Arthritis treatment not only helps in the inflammation of joints but also reduces swelling. If a person delays arthritis causes and treatment for a long time then it will bring harmful effects to the physical as well as internal condition of health.

Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis symptoms include stiffness in joints. Swelling and pain in joints can decrease the motion range and you can also feel pain while sitting and standing.

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The skin around joints gets red. Most of the people experience worst pain in their joints in the morning. Feeling extreme tiredness and a sluggish behavior is also one of the main symptoms. You can also be anemic and the red blood cells in your body can become low in count which can result in having a slight fever.

Arthritis Causes

When it comes to joint pain then it is the utmost need to work on the causes of joint pain. Main possible causes of arthritis can be the result of some injury. Injuries can lead to degenerative arthritis.


 Abnormal metabolism which leads to gout and pseudo gout can also be one of the reasons. One of the other causes of arthritis includes hereditary diseases like osteoarthritis. Arthritis can also be caused by infections. Some infections in the immune system can also be the reason of arthritis.

Arthritis Treatment

The main goal of arthritis treatment is to get relief in the pain suffered from arthritis disease. The best possible herbal treatment which really works and can give you life lasting relief from arthritis is the gold oil which can be applied to the affected areas. Some people use heating pads to reduce the swelling and inflammation in the joints. Others use Ice packs to soothe their joints. Some use walkers and canes that provide support and minimize the pressure on sore joints. Medication can help in getting treatment of arthritis. Medicines like gold oil recommended by qualified physicians will help in bringing down the pain and diminishing the swelling around the joints.

Natural Treatment of Arthritis

Some of the natural treatments of arthritis include

  • Losing weight – most of the time arthritis is caused for being overweight.
  • Getting Exercise – Taking exercises effective for the treatment of arthritis can be helpful.
  • Eating right fatty acids – eating the right fatty acids will help prevent fats accumulation around joints.
  • Add turmeric to your dishes – As turmeric contains the healing power in it so try adding turmeric in every dish you take.
  • Use hot and cold therapies to get relief in pain.

  • Use the life lasting Ayurveda treatment (gold oil) to minimize arthritis pain.
    Arthritis is more common in the people of age between 30 to 60 but anyone in their life can suffer from arthritis due to arthritis causing factors. Everyone must avoid those factors to lead a healthy life.