Piles also known as haemorrhoids is caused when the veins and muscles around the anus get swelled. These are the lumps or swellings around the anus that often causes itchiness and bleeding if they get inflamed. But it doesn’t start at a sudden and warns the body before the disease gets started. It is an utmost need to understand the piles symptoms so that in case if anyone suffers from any of the piles symptoms he can get aware and start the treatment at the beginning stage of the disease. Piles symptoms can vary from person to person. Piles symptoms depend on the location of piles a person is suffering from.

Internal & External Piles

The Intrnal piles are located inside the rectum. As these hemorrhoids rarely cause itchiness or discomfort so one can’t feel or see them. However, irritation or straining can be caused when a stool is passed and damages piles surface causing it to bleed. 

The external piles are located under the skin of anus. When irritated, these piles can also bleed or cause itchiness.

Piles Symptoms

Piles symptoms include painful swelling or lump near the anus, bright red bleeding after passing a stool.

a lump near the anus and the area around the anus becoming red and sore. Itchiness and discomfort is also included in piles symptoms.

1.Lump near the anus

The lump can be sensitive and can occur at a lateral stage. It can be painful especially if there is a blood clot inside the lump at the end, it becomes a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

2. Bleeding after passing a stool

Bleeding after passing a stool is one of the main piles symptoms.

The blood is usually bright red which indicates that it hasn’t circulated in the body and came from a lower organ. A thing to remember is that this bleeding doesn’t cause any pain.

3. Swelling around the anus

When the veins of hemorrhoid tissues swell, they fail to function as well as they should. When these tissues get inflamed or irritated they may also swell. As a result, a person suffering from piles is expected to experience this symptom.

4. Redness and Soreness

Redness and soreness around the anus is one of the main symptoms of piles. The veins around the anus get swelled which cause redness and soreness in the muscles.

5. Discomfort and Itching

Discomfort and itching may occur when the patient sits. This itching can be from minimum to maximum depending upon the intensity.

This itching can be an irritating factor. Most of the time the anus may not get red or bleeding may not occur but feeling of discomfort may occur.
These piles symptoms are a sign or warning to get piles treatment as soon as possible. Delay in getting the treatment may cause severe effects to the health.