Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder joint is one of the most complex joint of the human anatomy. It give the arms its 360-degree mobility and keeps stability in the bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder. Having shoulder pain leads to inability to perform day to day tasks. Winter is coming and the cold can causes more pain. You

Reasons Why Morning Sex Is The BEST Start Of The Day

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We get it. Buzzing of the alarm is not exactly a turn on. However, do not let that stop you from making morning sex with your partner a habit. Much like a quick sex session, Moring sex is exhilarating and fills you with energy. It helps you start your day with a positive mood. Science

Causes And Symptoms Of Neck Pain

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If you are suffering from Neck pain, know that you are not alone. Neck pain is common and almost 70% people have reported suffering from neck pain at some point in their life. Neck pains can greatly affect how you do your day to day activities and treating them through conventional methods might not always

No need of sexual weakness medicines if you follow these remedies

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Men have the tendency to judge themselves quite harshly when it comes to their sexual life. The fear of not being able to perform to their partner’s expectation can sometimes leave men to loss their dignity, masculinity and causes a number of psychological problems. Erectile dysfunctions are common and can happen to any man at

Ayurveda Remedies for Male infertility

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Male infertility is real. While most people consider women to have this disability, it is also present in men. Loss of libido and impotency in men is a very serious problem that effects relationship both mentally and physically. Such situation lead to embarrassment in front of your partner, which causes your relationships to break. Male

Main Reasons for Sexual Weakness in Men

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Sexual weakness in men is a very common health problem. But due to the sensitivity of this topic, most cases do not seek help from the doctors instead opt for over the counter medications such as Viagra. About 31% men report having faced some sort of sexual problem in their life. This is just so

Keep your sex life hot during the winters

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Summer mostly gets the credit for being the sexiest of all the seasons but it’s the winters that gets you in your sexy moods. Studies have shown that men and women are more drawn to each other during the winter seasons. Winter is right around the corners and it is the time to capitalize on

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