Most Effective Herbal Skin Care Remedies

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The smooth, soft and glowing skin on my face would be a dream come true. I am sure you have wished for it too. However, the amount of struggle required for the perfect skin sometimes proves too much to handle simply because the effective skin care products are expensive and those that are not don’t

Using Moringa For Diabetes Treatment

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The diabetes epidemic has plagued the world for countless years and is still spreading like wildfire in the society. Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when insulin production is restrained or the body does not properly use the insulin. Using moringa for diabetes has been proven to be very effective in keeping the blood

8 of the Most Powerful Moringa Health Benefits

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Moringa tree also is known as "drumstick tree" or "horseradish tree" or "ben tree" is commonly found in parts of India, Pakistan, Nepal and in the forests of Asia and Africa. Although moringa tree was discovered thousands of years ago, it is not until recently that it has started to gain popularity in the modern

Most Effective Natural Remedy For Arthritis

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When affected by arthritis, it is clear that joints are not the only ones that are affected. Arthritis also causes energy loss, fevers, reduced weight and cause damaging effects on the major organs of the body. Although there are a number of dietary supplements in the market, that says cures arthritis but the hard truth

Using Moringa For Weight Loss

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Companies have always been hesitant in claiming that using Moringa for weight loss was effective because there has been no scientific study on the matter. Until now. Research done by Rutgers University in the United States has proven that using Moringa for weight loss is effective in reducing weight gain while also preventing and treating type

What are herbal medicines and what are their benefits?

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Herbal medicines are a complex mixture of organic compounds extracted from any raw or processed part of a plant. Herbal medicines have roots in almost all cultures all around the world giving rise to a number of different traditions of herbal medicines. Although influenced by social, geographical and environmental conditions, the main concept of all

What is Moringa & What are Benefits of Moringa?

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What is Moringa? Moringa plant is native to the planes of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and is found in forests of Africa. Although its discovery occurred thousands of years ago it is not until recently that moringa has gained popularity as one of the most effective herbs that boosts immunity and promotes holistic health. National

How to get rid of joint pain?

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Joints form the connection between bones. Any damage to the joint because of injury or disease results in discomfort in movement. There are many medications that help to get rid of joint pain but without personnel intervention, those medications prove ineffective. Many different muscles (tendons, cartilage) are present around joints that help reduce the friction

Male sexual treatment In Pakistan

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Sexual weakness in men (Mardana kamzori) is problem most men in Pakistan are familiar with but due to pressure from society, most don’t seek help for their male sexual treatment and due to this sexual weakness in men (mardana kamzori) is spreading like wildfire in the Pakistani society. Power Prash in Pakistan is a natural/herbal

Top 5 Herbal Products for Sexual Weakness

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Sexually weak is not a big deal. Being shy about it and not seeking help for it is dangerous. It causes the weakness to grow. A number of synthetic medications are available in the market for treatment of sexual weakness but they can have adverse effects on the body instead try herbal products for sexual

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