Sexual weakness such as Impotency and erectile dysfunction are issues common all around the world and in all genders. Premature ejaculation, inability to develop or maintain an erection in men, inability to reach orgasm in women are all issues related to impotency and erectile dysfunctions. Power prash is an ayurverdic treatment for impotency and erectile dysfunctions in both men and women. Power prash helps to enhance the sexual capability in its user by developing strong and long lasting erections, boost the energy levels, strengthens the immune system and increases sex drive.

Treat Your Sexual Weakness 

Power Prash is a herbal / Ayurveda product i.e. it is made using only natural ingredients that effect the body naturally. There are many chemical compounds that are present in the market that are used to tackle the issue of impotency such as Viagra, Cialis etc. but come with a number of side effects and can be dangerous if used without the doctor’s consent. Power Prash on the other hand is a natural/ herbal remedy for impotency and erectile function and comes with no side effects.

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Composition of Power Prash

Power prash contain an oral medication and lubricating oil. Oral medication contain Majun and White musli. Majun has known effects of increasing the stamina of its user while white musli works as aphrodisiac that increases the desire for sexual intercourse by increasing your sex drive.

Intake Approach

Take one tablespoon of power prash with warm milk an hour before engaging in sexual intercourse. It is advised to take power prash at night for best results. For the cure of impotency and erectile dysfunction, 1 month course of power prash is recommended.

Side Effects

Power prash is a best treatment for sexual weakness that it is made using only natural/herbal ingredients that come with no side effects. The most important benefit of all Ayurveda/ herbal medication is that do not affect the body unnaturally and only increase the natural tendency of the body to be strong.

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